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Herbs for menopause treatment.

Complementary and Alternative remedies are non-prescription treatments that are used either in combination with traditional therapies (complementary) or in place of them (alternative). Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a growing, diverse approach to health care.

Unfortunately, for women experiencing perimenopause or menopause, there is no single product that is effective for alleviating all their menopause symptoms. There are however, several natural CAM remedies, including herbal products that offer relief from troubling symptoms and may be used in place of, or in combination with traditional therapies.

Each of the natural or herbal products listed to the left has been identified as playing some role in menopause management.

Some have strong clinical data to support their claims, others do not. Please click on the herbal product listed on to the left and read through each section carefully to identify the natural or herbal remedies that may best help you deal with your menopause symptoms.

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