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More on Skin Changes
Dry, thin and sagging skin are common complaints among patients. But what many don’t realize is that, in additional to long-term exposure to the elements, namely sun and wind, the hormonal changes associated with menopause cause additional problems for the skin.

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Many women who complain of skin changes also complain of unwanted facial hair,
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This area of MenopauseRx was developed to help and inspire you during the perimenopause and menopause transition. At MenopauseRx, we believe that through proper care and understanding of your body, you can achieve many goals and set new standards of health and wellness. Proper care involves nurturing all aspects of your body: physical, emotional and spiritual. Striving to balance the stress of daily living and all of its intricacies with a healthy diet, regular forms of relaxation and appropriate health screenings will allow you to achieve the kind of wellness necessary to meet your personal goals.

Use this area of MenopauseRx to explore ways to achieve your optimal Wellness:

Our Nutrition area focuses on proper nutrition for women, including important topics such as soy and resveratrol.  Read up to date information about substances that are powerful activators of longevity genes, signaling the body to slow down several key aging processes. 

Our Exercise area details important considerations for women to consider during the perimenopause and menopause.

Read our Preventative Medicine area to learn about routine testing that may be offered by your doctor and print these recommendations to discuss with your doctor. Also, learn about smoking cessation in the Preventative Medicine Section.

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