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As the large number of baby-boomer women move into menopause, more is being written on the topic than ever before.

Included in this section are a number of well-written, interesting articles on related topics.

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  • Latest News and Updates - Read about relevant health related topics for women
  • Reference - Relevant information to help guide women through the menopause transition
  • Articles - Well written and up-to-date articles that help to explain various aspects of the perimenopause and menopause transition
  • Book Club - Numerous books hand selected by the MenopauseRx staff to help guide and educate
  • Events - Relevant meetings and events that are pertinent to our audience
  • Links - Check out links to various sites
  • Survey Information - Results from MenopauseRx surveys by our site viewers

If you have an article you would like to see included in this section of the site, email it to us at Library@MenopauseRx.com

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