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Menopause Success Stories

Heather L. had questions about the perimenopause and menopause transition. After reviewing the MenopauseRx site, discussing with her physician and learning about the options available, she tried Oona with impressive results, as her note describes:

" Well, I’m proud to speak up loudly for my results with almost exactly my 14th day of taking it very regularly, and hopefully, I can announce that my hot flashes that I was beginning to experience after 4 hrs of sleep, and then often thruout the daytime, have currently been reduced to at LEAST half.. I dont sit up in bed and fan my pj top any more, or turn my pillow over in some feverish attempt to make the bed and me cool down so I can sleep more...I still take the half strength as is dictated on the Oona box, and can safely say I expect my current symptoms to continue to improve, just as fast as my attitude! I was dubious, as many are, but I truely believe the black cohosh in Oona had a healing effect on my current condition. I would easily advise any lady friend suffering even the slightest symptoms of perimenopause to take the chance, spend the very reasonable cost for Oona, just one box, one month supply.. I had NO side effects, not nausea, diarea, anything! thanks to MenopauseRx, people who care, I feel like the Heather of last year! happy happy happy!"

Pam E. is a perimenopausal woman with signficant bleeding over the past year. Her story is worth repeating, as it shows the understanding and compassion of MenopauseRx.

"I am 40 years old and had a D&C in May of 1999 to investigate irregular periods, heavy bleeding, cramping and severe clotting. All tests came back normal except a few small fibroids which I was told would not be the cause. I was told that I was in a state of perimenopause. The treatment was the birth control pill or another form of hormone. I was not comfortable in taking the pill so I did not fill the prescription. During my monthly cycle in January 2000, I was taken to the hospital for severe (hemmorage) bleeding and heavy clotting. I actually had to stand in the bathtub because the clots were steadily dropping to the floor. I was treated with a dose of some hormone intravenously, remarks made about the inconveniences of being a women, sent home with another prescription of the birth control pill and told to call my gynecologist in the morning. My doctor told me that I have two choices. The Pill or a hysterectomy. I chose the pill. In three months on the pill my breasts enlarged to the point of grotesque and very uncomfortable. I also started slowly gaining weight that I could not loose for anything. I am very physically active (rollerblading, biking, walking, gym) which normally allows me to stay at a healthy weight. I am swollen everywhere all the time. My rings don't fit and my shoes are too tight. (In just 3 months). I decided to stop the pill this month and seek a natural remedy and found MenopauseRx on the internet."

A natural regimen of a chaste tree berry containing product was suggested for a 4-6 month trial.

The following update was emailed (11/17/00):

"I have been taking the vitamins since May that MenopauseRx suggested for flooding and clotting and noticed a difference after the first month. As a matter of fact I have been buying Ultra-pads whereas before I needed 2 overnight pads at once. For the month of October I became very lazy and maybe took them for 5 days total. I just finished my menstrual cycle and I experiened flooding and clotting again to the point that when I stood up from a chair, I leaked all over it. This happened at least 3 times. I will never forget to take my vitamins again. Unless this is strictly a coincidence, your suggested therapy worked for me versus the hysterectomy that my doctor wanted to perform. I have been recommending your site to all my friends. Thanks so much."

Andrea K. is a 48 year old and reports that:

"I was bothered by significant tiredness due to evening hot flashes that awakens me in the middle of the night. During the day, I experience anxiety at work and a 'short fuse' at home. I am feeling overwhelmed by this fatigue and anxiety. My periods have been irregular and decreasing in flow for the past 2-3 years. I have a history of high blood pressure and am on Capoten."

Our approach was to begin by treating her hot flashes with a natural phytoestrogen substance. We also used a low dose valerian root product to decrease her anxiety during the day without causing significant tiredness. We also recommended for her to avoid any ginseng products with her hypertension.

The result was an improved sleep pattern with diminished evening hot flashes over the first two weeks of therapy. She also noticed diminished irritability with the valerian root and was able to decrease her intake to an as needed basis after her sleep pattern improved.

Rebecca B. wrote to MenopauseRx:

"I was suffering from menopause symptoms and asked about resistant hot flashes that I had endured for four years. I was unable to take hormonal medications because of a medical condition." Through the advice of MenopauseRx, she discussed options with her physician. A MenopauseRx recommended treatment was started with great success! She writes the following: "I'd like to thank the person who sent me info on clonidine for flashes and sweats for those of us who can not take estrogen therapy. I've been on this med for 3 weeks now and it's stopped all flashes and sweats.....It does work and I am thrilled. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Linda P. from Uniontown, PA writes:

"I am 48 years old and was experiencing horrible hot flashes, depression, and trouble sleeping. I tried numerous ‘herbs’ from the health food store without any relief. I was so confused with all of the choices and no one to help. My family doctor had no clue about natural remedies. I was ready to give up hope and suffer, until I found They helped clarify my symptoms and recommended regimen of natural medications that have eliminated my symptoms. I am extremely grateful to them."

Betty P. from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio writes:

"I spent hundreds of dollars at the local vitamin store in search of the cure for my perimenopausal symptoms without success. It seemed that as I cured one problem (insomnia), I created another (diminished libido and depressed mood). That was nothing until my first hot flash 47 years of age. They came fast and furious. I felt I was losing control. My gynecologist wouldn't listen or just recommended some prescription hormone that wasn't explained to me. Finally, I reviewed the MenopauseRx pharmacy, became educated about my problems, and purchased products that were highlighted as appropriate for my symptoms. A little leery, I tried them and to my amazement I actually felt better within 2 weeks. I haven't felt this good in 2 years. I finally know that my symptoms were real and not ‘in my head’. The fact that I can use all natural products makes me feel even better about myself. I would recommend to anyone experiencing perimenopausal problems."

Jane T. from Dallas, Texas writes:

"Because of your information, I wrote up all of my symptoms and the treatments that I have gone through for my OB-GYN and faxed it to her prior to my visit. As you know, the progesterone cream helped me more than anything in the past. My doctor prescribed some natural (bio-identical) hormone replacement therapy and had this compounded especially for me with a normal level of estrogen and lower levels of progesterone and testosterone. It is in cream form and I apply 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. In two days, my hot flashes and night sweats were GONE! I have endured these (among other symptoms) for five years! I am so happy that I am going to bake her a pie and take it to her office! As an additional benefit, my libido is back too! I really don't understand why something like this isn't prescribed first before giving someone a synthetic hormone! Thank you for listening to me and I hope that my experience will benefit someone else. No one should have to go through what I have been through when the solution seems so simple."