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DATE SENT: 04-29-2009
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Recent Studies are Seeing Vitamin D in a Whole New Light… Sunlight!
Answers to your Hormone Therapy Questions.
Menopausal women are a concern for vitamin D deficiency, being predisposed to osteoporosis because of decreasing estrogen levels. You may understand the importance of vitamin D with calcium absorption and bone health. However, you may not be aware of the important role vitamin D plays in preventing many other diseases.

Last month, we identified the role vitamin D played in seasonal affective disorder. Please read on to learn more about the many other benefits of vitamin D.

Research suggests other benefits may include:

  1. Protection against some cancers (breast, ovarian, & colon cancers are increased where climates have decreased sun exposure)
    A new study suggests that taking 1,000 international units of vitamin D3 daily appears to lower the risk of developing certain cancers – including colon, breast and ovarian cancer -– by up to 50 percent. Reducing your risk of several types of cancer might be as easy as boosting your vitamin D intake. (1)

  2. Improved Immune function
    There is scientific evidence that vitamin D has effects to enhance immunity and inhibit the development of autoimmune diseases. (2)

  3. Protection against multiple sclerosis
    Research has concluded that people who live in areas with higher latitudes face increased risk of multiple sclerosis. (3)

  4. Protection against Type 1 Diabetes
    A 2001 study showed that children receiving 2000IU vitamin D from age 1 on decreased the incidence of type 1 diabetes by 80%. (4)

  5. Protection against rheumatoid arthritis
    New research has associated vitamin D deficiency with rheumatoid arthritis (5)

  6. Protection against heart disease
    A 2003 study showed young adults with vitamin D deficiency were at greater risk for congestive heart failure. (6)

  7. Protection against hypertension
    Vitamin D deficiency may promote development of hypertension. (7)

  8. Possible protection against the cold and flu
    Researchers said the knowledge that vitamin D fights the cold and flu could be especially important for those with other breathing problems such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, known as COPD. (8)

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