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Skin Changes and Menopause

Everyone realizes that skin shows increasing signs of aging as the years pass. Dry, thin and sagging skin are common complaints among my patients. But what many don’t realize is that, in additional to long-term exposure to the elements — namely sun and wind — the hormonal changes associated with menopause cause additional problems for the skin.

By the time you reach menopause, the results of aging are beginning to accumulate. Unfortunately, menopause accelerates these skin changes, mostly as a result of the loss of estrogen. Cells in the skin have estrogen receptors; this means that they ‘listen’ for instructions from estrogen about keeping the skin young. When the estrogen begins to disappear, those messages aren’t getting through.

Fighting Back Against Skin Changes

The following are some key skin changes that the decrease in estrogen levels in menopause is believed to be at least partially responsible for:

  • An increase in the loss of Collagen
    This is the main protein in our skin and its’ the main structural support. It gives skin both its strength and durability.

  • A decrease in Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s)
    Another main component of the skin, that holds water and provide plumpness and moisture to the skin.

  • A decrease in Dermal Thickness
    This thinning makes the skin more fragile and vulnerable to damage and trauma.

  • A decrease in Skin Elasticity
    The ability of skin to stretch and return to its original state-- which promotes wrinkling of the skin.

Since it is the loss of hormones that are accelerating these problems with the skin, hormone therapy has been a solution for some women. But whether or not you choose to use hormone therapy, there are things that can be done to help protect your skin from the effects of menopause.

MenopauseRx has identified a skin care line that addresses the menopausal aging effects on the skin: Striking Skin Care System

We recommend the Striking Skin Care product line because they’re particularly well-suited to meet the needs of women dealing with menopause.  This brand uses that latest in peptide technology to support healthy, vibrant skin.  But, most impressive of all is the feedback of those who use Striking Skin Care products.

Whether you've diligently cared for your skin all along or have ignored it until now, Striking Skin Care with SmartPeptides can help nurture, protect and revitalize your complexion. This simple yet effective group of products is the result of years of scientific research in developing peptides so precise they target anti-aging concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and signs of hormonal aging.

Many also complain of unwanted facial hair, Click here to learn more.