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DATE SENT: 06-16-2010
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5 Steps for Healthy, Beautiful Skin During Menopause...

Count on Your Frieds"I entered menopause well prepared for hot flashes, night sweats, and I've been forewarned about the need for increased attention on diet & exercise to manage the weight gain fight. But what I did not expect was for my life-long super oily skin to change the way it did to become dry & dehydrated in a fairly rapid pace. At first I thought it was just too much winter weather, then I blamed it on too much air conditioning at the office, but eventually, I came to realize that hormonal changes in my skin had made their impact and that it wasn't just fine lines and wrinkles, but my skin's natural skin barrier had weakened and my skin was more sensitive and less resilient than before. It became obvious that taking charge of my skin as I enter the second half of my life was something to now take serious."

- Dr. Kelly Skovira

So here are my 5 steps for healthy, beautiful skin:

  1. Always cleanse your skin gently both morning and evening. Some added exfoliation is good from time to time, but as your skin changes, so does its tolerance for being pushed and pulled around. Make sure your make-up is thoroughly removed and that you let your skin "rest" after cleansing to normalize your pores before applying serum, treatments or moisturizers.

  2. Serums are a girl's best friend - regardless of your skin type, they give an added surge of moisture to the skin while delivering nurturing and supportive ingredients such as peptides, botanicals and antioxidants. A serum is a product that is used after you cleanse. It is a lightweight product that typically targets anti-aging or brightening.

  3. Lock in that serum with a layer of emollient moisturizer or eye cream. This is essential to optimize your skin's barrier function. Hydrated skin is happy skin!

  4. If it's daytime and you are going outdoors, sunscreen is a must. Find one that you like, with at least SPF30 and wear it everyday. A low SPF foundation is not going to do the trick. Don't contribute to your skin's photo aging by skipping sunscreen.

  5. Remember to make time for yourself - take 10 minutes a day to do something special and relaxing that helps you put balance and focus in your life. This will reflect in your skin.

1. (Falla, Timothy J and Lijuan Zhang.  "The Effects of Heptapeptide-7 on Menopausal Skin."  Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, 9.1 (2010): 49-54. Print.)


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