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DATE SENT: 09-09-2009
Herbal remedies - Making menopause manageable.
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Has your energy level plummeted as your menopause progresses?

Soy helps Improve EnergyWhether you need more energy to keep up with a busy schedule, enhance your your daily work outs, or to simply enjoy life, soy protein may support better energy levels by providing protein as an energy source. Soy antioxidants may also neutralize free radicals during exercise better than whey protein.

Soy protein has key nutritional qualities that support energy levels, stamina, and sports performance (better lean muscle mass, endurance and recovery time).

An antioxidant-rich and protein-packed soy supplement can help improve energy levels and provide better exercise results.

We hope that you have taken this opportunity to at learn more about the Revival Soy brand, their various quality products, and many health benefits. Be sure to revisit the previous articles in this series by using the links provided on the right. To wrap this series up we've provided a modest list of energy related benefits provided by quality soy supplements below:Revival Soy Shakes & Bars
  • Soy protein is rich in "branched-chain amino acids" which the body can burn as "fuel" to produce energy.
  • As a complete protein, soy helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Soy may help support a hormonal profile that promotes muscle formation.
  • Soy may help sustain endurance levels during exercise.
  • Soy may help improve recovery time.
  • Soy helps support a healthy cardiovascular system (critical for exercising or an active lifestyle).
  • Soy may support better antioxidant health for exercise than common whey protein.

Sounds good doesn't it? If you'd like to try adding a quality soy supplement into your daily routine now's the time. Save big for a limited time by clicking on the link provided below.

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Over the past few weeks MenopauseRx has provided several emails to it's online audience relating to the use and benefits of soy supplements. If you would like to revisit any of the information found within these emails please use the links provided below.

1. Healthier skin, nails, and hair.
Study indicates that 93% of women showed improved skin appearance.
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with weight loss.

Studies show protein helps you feel less hungry, and fuller, longer.
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Additional Info...
It's our goal to provide women with the most timely and accurate information relating to thier menopause transition. We hope that you have found this email series helpful. Knowing more about how soy can assist in making your time with menopause more manageable may prove invaluable.

Still have questions? Concerns? We invite any additional questions or comments related to this topic. Simply email our in-house nurse practitioner, Kelly Skovira at