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DATE SENT: 08-17-2010
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Fight Now: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer

Tragically, over 40,000 women will die with breast cancer this year in America. Current anti-breast cancer medical efforts are aimed at critical early detection with mammograms. However, new medical research confirms that women can eat and live proactively to prevent breast cancer before it strikes. Aaron Tabor, M.D. has written FIGHT NOW for women who want to reduce breast cancer risk, or risk of cancer recurrence, with proper eating and lifestyle choices.

"New medical research documents that many controllable choices can decrease risk of breast cancer. Women don't have to wait around to simply become another random breast cancer victim. Whether you are currently a breast cancer patient, a survivor, or at high-risk for breast cancer, you can choose to fight now using the latest eating and lifestyle research. Prevention is the best cure..."
- Dr. Tabor.

Developed during the past two years with new medical research reviewed from leading hospitals around the world, FIGHT NOW helps readers take immediate action to start lowering breast cancer risk with:

  • The top ten foods that may reduce risk of breast cancer
  • A simple anti-breast cancer vitamin lab test to reduce risk by up to 70%
  • The foods to eliminate that may be increasing risk by up to 253%
  • A juicy fruit bursting with antioxidants that could lower risk by up to 94% (in animal studies)
  • An easy, clinically tested way to lose weight and belly fat, while reducing hunger, that could lower risk by up to 185%
  • A healthy oil that could lower risk by up to 94%
  • A simple lifestyle change that could lower risk of recurrence and risk of dying from breast cancer by up to 50%
  • Common breast cancer "myths" exposed including answers on cosmetics, breast implants, tight-fitting bras, and coffee in relation to breast cancer risk
  • Dr. Tabor's "7-Day Prescription for Healthier Breasts"

Risk reductions are reported as relative risks or odds ratios in either human clinical or non-human lab studies. Discuss this information with your doctor.


Creating and Maintaining Balance

Fight Now!

The purpose of Fight Now: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer is to provide information to women that will empower them to become proactive against breast cancer now with specific food and lifestyle choices. A woman's only alternative is to be reactive after a breast cancer diagnosis, or breast cancer recurrence. The choice is clear

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