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DATE SENT: 09-24-2010
Herbal remedies - Making menopause manageable.
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Is Menopause the Reason I am SO FAT?

Weight gain is a common symptom of menopause... ok so it is more than just common. There are very few women that do not gain weight during menopause, and the lucky few still complain of weight redistribution (extra weight around the belly and waistline).

Unfortunately, this is not good news, because abdominal fat is a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension, cancers, and heart disease.


Are you sabotaging your own weight loss program? Does your diet contain?

  • Juices and Fruit Punches
    An eight-ounce glass of OJ has 120 calories, while one whole orange has only 60 to 70 calories, plus fiber. Snapple Fruit Punch has 170 calories, with 15 grams of Sodium, 42 grams of total carbs, and 40 grams of sugar.
  • Energy Drinks
    They're packed with more sugar and calories than juice, and there are usually at least three servings in a bottle. Read the labels carefully. A 24 oz Gatorade contains 160 calories, 42 grams of total carbs and 42 grams of sugar.
  • Fancy Flavored Coffees
    Starbuck's grande peppermint mocha twist frappucinno has 540 calories, with 19 grams of fat and 102 grams of sugar. On the other hand the same sized fresh brewed coffee has only 5 calories.
  • Soda -- Even Diet Drinks
    Research has found that diet soda may actually cause you to eat more, so even if there are no calories, they may trigger the urge to eat and a viscous appetite cycle. A recent government study found that non-diet sodas contribute about 10% of the total calories in the American diet. Read More...
  • Salads
    When your greens are topped with crispy chicken, cheese, bacon bits, croutons, French fries, and dressing, you're looking at up to 1500 calories and 88 grams of fat! Read More...
  • Skipping Meals Could Sabotage Your Diet.
    If you skip meals you can set yourself up to binge
  • Snacking
    Even healthy choices can add up if you eat too many of them. Let's say you snack on 2 ozs of cashews at 11:00, a banana and yogurt at 2:00, and a bag of popcorn at the movies at night. You could be adding 1257 to your total caloric intake for that day!
  • Grocery Shopping
    Temptation is everywhere so make a list of only healthy foods and DO NOT deviate from that list. Eat before you shop so you aren't hungry when you pass a forbidden food.
  • Alcohol
    * Light beer, 12 oz, 90 to 110 calories
    * Regular beer, 12 oz, 150 calories
    * Red wine, 5 oz, 120 to 150 calories
    * Rum or whiskey, 1.5 oz, 98 calories
    * Gin, 1.5 oz, 120 calories
    * Vodka, 1.5 oz, 98 calories

Combating self-sabotage takes knowledge, planning, and commitment. Getting fit through diet and exercise creates big changes in your life, while you are experiencing midlife changes - changes you welcome.


The BIG BELLY Theory:

Possible reasons for weight gain are changing hormones, slowing metabolism, combined with a high-stress life with a high-fat, high-carb processed food diet that creates a powerful hormonal imbalance thus resulting in weight gain. Women's bodies do change, as they get older and go through menopause.

Menopause isn't the only cause of middle-age spread, additional factors include:

  • Reduced activity
  • Increase in calories
  • Increased physical & mental stress

This is a vicious cycle and often the methods of weight management that worked for years are suddenly ineffective.

Menopause is no reason to accept weight gain. There is no better time than now to begin building a stronger healthier you. It is best to view this as a time to make some healthier choices when eating and start a regular exercise routine.