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Revival’s Firm Foundation Vitamins

  •  Revival Firm Foundation vitamins, calcium, and enzymes provide the perfect complement to a soy-rich diet. 
  • Doctor-formulated to precise standards of potency and purity, each supplement provides 100% of the recommended daily allowance for optimal health.All Natural, All Vegetable Capsules.Proper levels of vitamins and minerals can help you feel great and protect your body.
  • Weight-loss, pure vegetarian, macrobiotic, and several other diets can also place some people at risk of deficiencies.

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In a recent issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, Harvard researchers reviewed which vitamins appear successful in fighting heart disease and cancer.

A review of 40 years of research found the following associations:

  1. Heart disease -- Low folic acid levels in the blood increase the risk of heart disease. Taking folic acid supplements or eating more in the diet has been shown to help decrease this risk. Research on vitamin E has been conflicting -- with some studies showing a benefit and others not. Beta carotene supplements have not been shown to help prevent heart disease -- and may even increase the risk in smokers.
  2. Cancer -- Studies have shown a decrease in colon cancer in men and women taking folic acid supplements and in men with higher folic acid in their diet. Folic acid has also been shown to decrease breast cancer in women who drink alcohol regularly but not in nondrinkers. Vitamin E may be able to help decrease prostate cancer in men and deaths from this cancer. Lycopenes -- from tomatoes -- have been shown to help prevent prostate cancer as well. But beta carotene may increase lung cancer in smokers, although the research is somewhat conflicting.
  3. Osteoporosis -- Vitamin D along with calcium decreases bone loss and fractures in elderly people.
  4. Birth defects -- Folic acid decreases the risk of birth defects of the spinal cord. Doctors recommend that women begin taking folic acid supplements before getting pregnant.

While the best way to achieve optimal nutrition would be to improve nutrition through dietary changes, it is extremely difficult. Therefore, using a multivitamin per day is one way of ensuring adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals. There are a number of excellent choices on the market. Discussing the optimal choice with your pharmacist should be considered.

In general, taking a multivitamin can be done at any time through the course of the day. Since some people will notice mild abdominal cramping if taken on an empty stomach, many will choose to take their multivitamin prior to or after a meal. Taking with the same meal each day will also help people remember to take their vitamin.

While multivitamins are packed with essential nutrients, they do not contain enough calcium for a woman during the perimenopause and menopause transition. To ensure a target calcium intake, many women will need to calculate their total dietary calcium intake and use a supplement to achieve a 1000 to 1500 milligrams target.