Symptoms Of Menopause - Night Sweats
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Night Sweats

Hot flashes that occur during the night can disrupt sleep and are typically classified as Night Sweats, since it is the sweating that usually awakens a woman from sleep. The amount of sweating varies from woman to woman. Occasionally, some women report that their bed sheets become dampened or even soaked with sweat during a night sweat. Since the normal sleep pattern is interrupted during a night sweat, altered sleep is usually present. This altered sleep can result in fatigue, mood changes, and irritability.

There are several treatment options for control of hot flashes. They include:

Hormone Therapy - Fortunately, there are many choices to consider when contemplating hormone therapy for relief of hot flashes.    Adjusting dosages to use the lowest possible dose is a commonly recommended approach.  Using alternative means of delivering medication to allow for the lowest doses and steadiest levels of hormone in the body is found with today's hormone patches.  Click here to read more about hormone therapy.

Warmi - A new vegetable and fruit extract supplement may offer relief beyond hot flashes and night sweats.  Additional benefits may include mood, hormonal balance, heart and bone health, sexual quality of life and overall quality of life.  The supplement provides 85% organic ingredients in a vegetalbe capsule. Click here to read more about Warmi.


Black Cohosh - A popular herbal remedy that has been used for over 40 years in Germany for relief of mild to moderate hot flashes, night sweats and mood disturbances related to the menopause transition.  Click here to read more about Black Cohosh.

Soy Protein - Increasing the amount of soy protein in your diet can be an effective remedy for some of the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and night sweats.  Click here to read more about Soy Protein.

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