Symptoms Of Menopause - Irregular Bleeding
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Irregular Bleeding

In general, irregular periods are very common during the perimenopause. The most common early menstrual irregularity noticed in the perimenopause is a shortening of cycle length. Women with prior 28 day cycles will commonly describe 24 to 26 day cycles during the early perimenopause. Eventually, the cycle length widens and skipping menses typically occurs. These changes in cycle may lead to heavier flow in the early perimenopause, followed by a lighter flow and occasional spotting in the later perimenopause. A common reason for the late periods and prolonged bleeding is due to 'anovulation' (not releasing an egg). When this occurs, there is no signal to the body to cause a period (if there is no pregnancy). When this continues for long enough, the body starts to shed the uterine lining in a 'piece-meal' fashion, which leads to the prolonged bleeding. This can occur for long periods of time, or can correct itself by the next cycle. The unpredictable aspect of the perimenopause can be the most frustrating.

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Persistent irregular bleeding can be a tip to obtain further evaluation with your doctor. Bleeding longer than 7 days each period, bleeding more often than every 21 days and skipping more than three cycles should be evaluated.

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