Symptoms Of Menopause - Hair Loss
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Hair Loss

As healthy women age, their hair becomes thinner. Gradual hair loss throughout the scalp is typical of hair loss around the time of menopause. Patchy hair loss, or hair that comes out in ‘clumps’ is not typically related to the aging process and should prompt an evaluation by your dermatologist.

Approximately one in four women experience hair thinning. Due to a lack of accurate information many women are misinformed about the progression of thinning hair. In general, as healthy women age, their hair becomes thinner. Most women will lose 40-100 hairs per day.

The texture of hair is a combination of the size of each strand, and the overall amount of hairs on your head. Fine, medium and coarse hair are terms used to describe the size of each strand, while thin, normal and thick hair refers to the number of hairs on the scalp. Many hair experts will use this terminology when describing hair loss. In general, women with fine hair will have a higher chance of hair thinning and loss.

Certain conditions such as thyroid problems, pregnancy, medications, diet, or stress can cause hair thinning. The most common type of hair thinning or loss is called androgenetic alopecia. Thirty million women are affected by this condition. It can affect women of all races and can be passed from either mother or father. It usually begins in the twenties and becomes more obvious with age, such that by age 50, 50% of women will notice some degree of hair thinning. Usually hair grows approximately ½ inch per month. With androgenetic alopecia, the hair becomes smaller and the growth phase of the hair is reduced resulting in shortened and thinner hair.

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