Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Quiz
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Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Quiz

More than one in 10 Americans either has, or is at risk of developing, osteoporosis or other bone diseases....Are you at risk?

In order to determine your Osteoporosis Risk, please fill out the following short survey. You will be given a score based upon your answers that will determine your risk of Osteoporosis.

What is your current age?

Have you broken any bones after age 50?
Yes No

Has your mother had a hip fracture after age 50?
Yes No

Do you weigh 125 pounds or less?
Yes No

Are you currently a smoker?
Yes No

Do you usually need your arms to assist yourself in standing up from a chair?
Yes No

Fracture Index - If your total score is 4 or greater, you may be at higher risk for fracture due to postmenopausal osteoporosis. You should see your doctor for further evaluation.

For more information about Osteoporosis, click here.

For more information about Calcium, click here.

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Regardless of your score, if you are past menopause, you should discuss your risk for fracture due to osteoporosis with your doctor.


Source: Black DM, Steinbuch M, Palermo L, et al. An assessment tool for predicting fracture risk in postmenopausal women. Osteoporos Int. 2001;12:519-528.