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Bio-Identical Hormone Assessment Quiz

MenopauseRx has developed the Bio-Identical Hormone' Assessment quiz to help women learn about menopause symptoms and treatment choices. Bio-Identical hormone use has become a very popular treatment option for many women with menopause symptoms. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misunderstandings about bio-identical hormones and their use during the menopause. We encourage you to take this assessment to learn more about hormone therapy and bio-identical alternatives. At the end of the assessment, you will be offered a FREE brochure to help educate about this important topic.

If you are currently on hormone therapy or are considering hormone therapy, would you consider a new delivery form, such as a transdermal gel (applied to the skin surface)?

Yes No Not Sure

Did you know that transdermal delivery of hormone therapy allows the hormone to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby avoiding some side-effects often associated with oral delivery?

Yes No Not Sure

If you would ever consider using a transdermal (applied to the skin) hormone therapy, which would you prefer?

Gel (applied once daily to the arm) Patch Vaginal Ring

If you have ever tried using over-the-counter or herbal remedies, how effective were they at alleviating your symptoms associated with menopause?

Very Effective Somewhat Effective Not Effective at all Not Applicable

When discussing hormone therapy, do the terms "natural" and "bio-identical" mean the same thing?

Yes No Not Sure

Do you think "bio-identical" hormone therapy treatments tailor-made (compounded) by pharmacists are safer than traditional prescription hormone therapy?

Yes, I think tailor-made bio-identical treatments are safer than traditional prescription hormone therapy
No, I do not think tailor-made bio-identical treatments are safer than traditional prescription hormone
Not Sure

Do you think that prescription bio-identical hormone therapy products tailor-made at a compounding pharmacy are FDA approved?

Yes No Not Sure

How important is FDA approval to you in choosing a drug?

I would prefer an FDA-approved prescription hormone therapy
FDA approval of a drug does not matter to me

Would you be interested in a "bio-identical" hormone therapy that is FDA approved?

Yes No Not Sure

Would you recommend that other women (your friends, family, etc.) consider hormone therapy as a means of relieving symptoms associated with menopause?

Depends on the individual and their symptoms
Not Sure

Please tell us your age:

<18 18-34 35-44 45-54 55-65 >65

If you would like FREE information about hormone therapy options and Bio-Identical hormone choices from MenopauseRx, please fill in the request form below and we'll send you a copy of our brochure via traditional mail (or you may click here to download a digital version). MenopauseRx will not sell or give away your name or information. Thank you.
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